Alas, there was so much promise for Remy Ma. But after watching the video for Whatever, I foresee SRC/Universal about to ruin another career. Oh well, as my new saying goes, ‘Another day, another dollar, another artist running to Koch.’

Hearing Ma spit, "Officially a boogie down Bronxster / Terror Squad ain’t the Brady Bunch and I ain’t Marsha" made me sick. Where is that bitch chick from Fight Club?

I would start off with the video, but I’m gonna let my man Ron handle that.

Let’s start off with the gear! Hire ya girl a stylist. Fat Joe and Terror Squad always be rocking bummy gear on thier album covers [1 2 3]. [If you think the gear TS wears on their album covers is fly, then you wear bummy gear too.] Now, female rappers should be judged on thier lyrics but if all else fails they need something to fall back on. If push comes to shove, drop down and get your eagle on girl. [1 2]

Next, is the art direction.

Looks like someone know how to work MS Paint. Where is Tats Cru when you need ’em. Put aside some money for an ART DIRECTOR. Get rid of the chick in the boots holding the mic. That mic cord making a letter is WACK.

Finally, The single Whatever is just that – whatever. Someone had the bright idea to run to Swizz Beats for some of those left over tracks after the HUSTLA/BRING ‘EM OUT sessions. No big deal. Memphis Bleek and Young Gunz got caught out there too. Holla at Heatmakers, Ron Brownz, Lord Finesse. Don’t front on Finesse. He made the best track on that last Terror Squad album.

SRC/Universal heed my warnings and take my advice and I guarantee Ma won’t brick in her first week.