Do you need to get freshly dressed? Tired of rocking the same stitches? Want to stand out from your friends?

Today, check out Akoo Clothing VP of Marketing Sabai Burnett’s top five reasons you should check out the brand’s new holiday collection! [Be sure to read each reason and enter to win your own gear!]

Reason 1: The Quality

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The first reason you should buy Akoo’s holiday collection is because of the brand’s quality and design approach. Without question, no matter what, for the money you spend, you can always know that these are going to be timeless pieces that you can keep around for a lifetime because of its quality. We offer you quality garments and clothing. At the end of the day, not a lot of people can say that. If it’s not Akoo, then after one wash, it could be a wrap.

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Reason 2: The Message

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The second reason is because of the message around this collection. This collection is very much rooted in a lot of the social unrest that’s been going on in our country right now from racism to urban decay to police brutality, this collection graphically speaks to that platform. It’s something we’re extremely proud of. We’re able to take a stance. We’re able to position ourselves from having a conversation through the platform that we do which is make clothes. We’re able to utlizie that platform to stir the pot up a little bit and enforce conversations.

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Reason 3: Spend It

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The third reason is because it’s the holidays! You’re going to have to spend that bread so spend it on Akoo!

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Reason 4: Holiday Party Ready

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The fourth reason is because we’ll keep you fly and fresh for those holiday parties you’re about to hit. That’s why you should mess with Akoo!

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Reason 5: The Denim

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The fifth reason is because I think quality-wise, we are slept on when it comes to our denim. If nothing else, make sure you come check us out at and go to your favorite local retailer, ask for us by name and try on some of our jeans. I think people will be pleasantly surprised by the fit and the treatment of our denim. I think we’re slept on and it’s time to wake up that beast.

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Do you love fresh gear? Read the top five reasons you should buy Akoo Clothing and enter to win your own gear!
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