Akademiks Checks Meek Mill For Being A “Walking” Contradiction: “You Can’t Decide If You Want To Be A Street N***a Or Fight For Prison Reform”

Written By Jason Sang

Internet personality Akademiks isn't backing down from Meek Mill. The popular hip-hop reporter has added more fuel to his feud with the Maybach Music Group artist.

Akademiks x Meek

This week, Ak went to his social media channels to address Meek’s issues with him. Instead of losing his cool, he questioned Mill’s perceived inability to balance his fight for prison reform and rapping about illegal activities.

“You’re a walking contradiction. You can’t decide if you want to be a street n*gga one minute or if you want to fight for prison reform the next. Your music glorifies all types of gangster activity that actually helps put Black men in jail but to keep it real, you’re like, ‘Nah man. Let’s focus on things that’ll get them out.’ You got mad energy for me but you had no energy when you saw Nicki Minaj’s man Mr. Petty in the store. All I’m saying is put out music. I’m a news page.” TSR Instagram

High-Key Details

In late June 2020, Mill hit up Twitter and didn’t hold back on roasting Akademiks. Meek vowed to take him out for the culture and encouraged people to cancel Ak.

“Akademiks canceled because he’s a bad police and our culture don’t need them …. he also gassed a lot of beef that got people killed and hurt and never donated a dollar to the culture! We gone holla at you next run champ lol … I you getting canceled now! Lol and if I pull this sh*t out you would be done … just say upppp and ima up it 😂😂😂😂😂” -Meek Mill’s Twitter

Wait, There’s More

Instead of staying mum, Akademiks made sure to clap back at Meek. He even singled out Mill’s past feud with ex-rival Drake in an Instagram post on The Shade Room‘s page.

“Meek forgot the time he got ran off twitter for a whole 4 years… all cuz he was off Percs and thought he could cancel drake.” -Akademiks

Before You Go

Recently, Meek Mill and Akademiks publicly clashed against each other. Meek took offense to Ak posting content about him on his Instagram page and the rap personality responded by sharing throwback footage of Mill saying he never showed him online attention.

“So.. y’all remember when meek told me to stop posting him and I did.. then he went on philly radio complaining that I ain’t posting his album… well today he asked that I stopped posting him. And I’ll gladly oblige … I don’t need no artist who don’t wanna be on platform. ✌️there will no more meek mill posts after this on my platform. Too many other lit rappers for me to cover ✊🏿✊🏿” -Akademiks’ Instagram


Written by Jason Sang


  1. U Can both Be Streets and Political, smh. Akademiks so low IQ. So he saying only “certain” ppl can want police to stop brutally murdering humans? This is ridiculous. Akademiks go to hell so corny

  2. And akademiks, u a wack DJ who never even touched a record in Ur life i.e. map And as a “news source” u biased and unreliable ah.

    And U can’t decide who u r. U need come out of cIoset. U and 69 in love. B proud.

    And u misogynist to the point of calling John legend wife a h03 many times couple days ago while drunk ? Nipsey hussle said it best about u, years ago. Been waiting years for u to b got ridden vuIture. Yes gassing beef so ppl dle. Same as Vlad, encouraging gossip n snltching, judge even said thank u to Vlad, budden y’all all corny n alien n detrimental to culture

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