West Coast rapper Game has updated overseas fans hoping to see him in-person for his Blood Money UK/European tour and revealed its current status after an unexpected setback.

Game hopped onto his Instagram page late Friday (February 21) to let fans know the tour would not be nixed.

“UK……. I am definitely coming. Middlesbrough & Manchester will be made up on my off days so hold your tickets tight !!! Between UK customs & booked flights we wont be able to leave L.A. til tomorrow but tomorrow I’m on the plane & every city on this tour will be hit !!!!!!!!!!” (Game’s Instagram)

While he apologized, the former G-Unit member promised the blame did not rest on him or the concert promoters.

“I appreciate your patience & up to this point everything has been out of my control but the promoters & venues nor me were at fault & were all working together to make sure the #BloodMoney La Familia will be through your town. I love my UK/European fans like y’all love me & I won’t sleep until I’m on the plane pointed at London Heathrow International airport tomorrow. Thanks for being supportive to me for all these years. #BloodMoney #LaFamilia #WeKeepEachOtherAlive” (Game’s Instagram)

The Blood Money Entertainment head informed fans of a visa complication Thursday (February 20).

“UK government hasn’t cleared my visa yet so I missed my flight & wasn’t allowed thru customs. I sincerely apologize. I’ll keep u updated,” Game tweeted February 20. (Game’s Twitter)

Reports of his seemingly overnight tour plans surfaced online last month.

Game was rumored to have signed to Birdman’s Cash Money in December, however, it was soon revealed that nothing was official yet. We still haven’t heard an announcement concerning a new label for Game, nonetheless he’s ready to go back on tour.The rapper will be heading overseas for a “Blood Money” Tour. (HNHH)

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