R&B singer Bobby V has some serious pressure on his head. New reports claim the crooner is under investigation for his connection to an alleged Georgia rape case.

According to reports, a woman named the singer in a police report filed Monday (March 19) in Cobb County.

We’re told the alleged rape occurred Sunday. It’s unclear where or what the circumstances were. We do know Bobby lives in the area. Cops say they have an open investigation into the case, so they’re keeping details under wraps for now. Bobby’s rep tells us they are pursuing legal action “against what appears to be a weak yet calculated attempt to obtain financial gain through ulterior motives in the matter.” The rep did not say the alleged victim requested money directly from Bobby, but called her version of events an apparent false report. (TMZ)

In August 2017, Hot 97 radio veteran Funk Flex weighed-in on Bobby allegedly getting caught running away from a transgender woman.

A few days prior, Bobby came out of the shadows to address critics and the media alike.

The same week, Southern rapper Lil Scrappy distanced himself from the Bobby V transgender escort drama.

“I don’t know cuz situation, what he like, what he don’t like. I ain’t never did all that, I just did music with homie and I ain’t trying to talk down on the man, trying to put myself up on a pedestal or nothing like that. As y’all know, that’s just not what I do. I been in a room with some b*tches and I know when b*tches are b*tches. I ain’t no sucka. I ain’t no sucka n*gga at all. I don’t do that sh*t. Them real b*tches, they might have just been ugly b*tches but them was some real b*tches. They were b*tches. And n*ggas will come up with anything and put me in it. Don’t put me in that sh*t. I ain’t got nothing to do with that sh*t. You ain’t never heard no sh*t like that with me. I don’t be with that sh*t. I be with real sh*t. I love p*ssy so much, let me tell you. You feel me? I came out the p*ssy, I’m going back in the p*ssy.”