[After racking up collaborations with T.I. and Waka Flocka Flame, Hustle Gang affiliate Zuse tells SOHH readers what rapper he gets along with best.]

I cannot tell you who I have had the best chemistry with because I’ve had great experiences with everyone I’ve worked with. But what I will say is that real recognizes real.

When you’re from the struggle, no matter how much money you had, you have to relate to each other.

Waka Flocka reminds me a lot of myself. I was born in Jamaica and he was born in New York. We’re both in Atlanta.

The person I enjoy working with the most is Lil Herb out in Chicago. He’s a big upcoming artist from there and I’ve also worked with Lil Bibby. These guys, I relate to them because we’re the same age and we’re from the same struggle, we’re from the gun culture where it’s ‘Kill or Be Killed.’