Hip-hop artist Quentin Miller is staying focused on music-dropping following publicized involvement in Young Money’s Drake and Maybach Music Group rapper Meek Mill‘s recent feud.

Miller hinted at new music being underway and noted his growth as a musician with his Hey! Thanks A Lot mixtape series on Twitter this weekend.


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A few days ago, radio veteran Funkmaster Flex took aim at Drake by releasing multiple Quentin Miller reference tracks.

DJ Funkmaster Flex got a chance to redeem himself last night and actually came through with not only a Meek Mill diss record for Drake, but infamous reference tracks from Quentin Miller. The three tracks in question are Drake’s “Know Yourself,” “Used To,” and Meek Mill collaboration “R.I.C.O.” after the already released “10 Bands” reference. From the sounds of it besides just getting credit, Miller pretty much crafted some of Drake’s most well known songs this year. (Hip Hop Since 1987)

Miller penned an open message to defend his own image and explained his relationship with Drizzy last month.

Quentin Miller

Drake’s producer 40 went on an epic Twitter tirade recently to speak out on the ghostwriter drama.

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