[With fans still celebrating the recent birth of Macklemore’s newborn baby, SOHH recently talked to The Ollin Clothing’s Drew Curry, who previously worked with the Washington native, on the highs and lows of the fashion industry.]

From the first launch, as in the tee-shirts, probably the difference is how extensively you can go into the fashion world. There are millions of fabrics and hundreds of companies that sell them.

With tee-shirts, you can get some fabric, find a screen printer and you’re good once you have a design.

But with this, you are literally doing it all yourself. Everything from the fit, the buttons, where to sew it. It’s just learning all of how you can expand to that and it’s almost totally different than doing a tee-shirt in every aspect.


It’s been quite the learning process just trying to go through all of that.

I do have a small team and a lot of it is connection because there are so many tee-shirt fabrics that you can design. You can find one person that can work on the fabrics. As I continue in the fashion world, I’ll meet more people who know fabric companies.

I always want to be growing and learning. So as soon as I find a better tee-shirt fabric, I’m going to use it. If I find a better sweatshirt material, I’m going to use it. It really starts with the connections and finding out who they represent or if they know of a showroom where I can go and search their products.

There’s a lot of research. Google has really been helpful at learning more.

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