Terror Squad leader Fat Joe recently talked about how he gets through the death of longtime friend Big Pun and weighed-in on the recent passing of New York rap veteran Sean Price.

Asked how he handles the stress, Joe acknowledged the importance of moving forward and remembering late musicians.

“You know what, life goes on and it’s unfortunate because we have to deal with deaths and it’s sad. We deal with it all the time. In hip hop we just lost Sean Price, a legend. It’s about staying strong, it’s about just moving on and keeping the memory with you and keep pushing forward because the minute you reach out and dwell in the darkness, you’re through.” (SCMP)

Find out what legal issues Big Pun’s widow previously had with Fat Joe on the next page…

Joe appeared to respond to Big Pun’s widow Liza Rios on social media last year over unpaid royalties.

In September 2014, Liza Rios took legal action against Fat Joe over her late husband’s royalties.

Liza Rios is beside herself … she says in a new lawsuit — obtained by TMZ — hubby Big Pun had a deal with Fat Joe to split the fortune Pun made from songs like “I’m Not A Player.” Liza says a few years after her 700-pound husband died from a heart attack in 2000 … Joe turned off the spigot and she hasn’t gotten a penny since 2005 … even though the records continued to sell. (TMZ)

Speaking with radio personality Angie Martinez in 2011, rapper Joell Ortiz addressed being singled out by Rios in an interview.

“First of all, I’m not sitting here without someone like Big Pun,” Ortiz acknowledged during the interview. “[Rick Ross and Meek Millz] did ‘Tupac Back,’ Maino did ‘Biggie Back,’ so I was like, ‘alright, here’s my due. I got this one. Let me do this one.’ When that stuff happened, I was surprised. I really didn’t get it. I don’t understand where it was coming from. From the beginning of my career, I’ve done tributes to him.” (Hot 97)