Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne is going to keep fans waiting to see him fully diss Cash Money boss Birdman in a new Young Money cypher this weekend following the leak of dicey footage.

According to reports, Wayne’s anti-Birdman jab clip bubbled online Saturday (March 14) but has been pulled for a premiere launch next week.

UPDATE: The full version of the freestyle leaked before being pulled and that’s what I wrote around. According to Karen Civil, the video will debut on Monday. Having seen the full, I’d said the above clip is about all you’ll want to see since Lil Twist led things off and Gudda Gudda says he been “killin’ for 10 summers straight,” which he doesn’t even believe. (Uproxx)

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A clip of Wayne going after Baby’s neck surfaced online Saturday (March 14).

At the 10:07 mark, Tunechi spits, “I say hit em up to my daddy bitch ass” showing respect to Tupac and throwing shade to Birdman. He also mentions him later rapping, “blood all in the fucking baby food,” which could interpret many things, but we all know who it’s targeting. (VH1)

qbj”>weighed-in on Lil Wayne’s feud with Cash Money boss Baby.

“I’m surprised to see Wayne going through that because of the relationship between him and Baby. I think it’ll work itself out. I hate when things become public because everyone speculates on things they really don’t know. I just know that they have a father-son relationship and that can easily be something they can communicate between the two of them and resolve instead of having everybody involved in it. Be careful of the things you say about the Wayne and Baby situation because Baby will forgive Wayne for the things he’s saying and Wayne will forgive Baby for the things that he’s saying but they may not forgive you.” (MTV News)

Recently, Wayne revealed his legal war against the music executive had sparked major friction.

Wayne tells Rolling Stone that he and Birdman are no longer on speaking terms. “I have no words,” he says. “I’m super-numb to it, to tell you the truth.” After we talk some more, he admits that the legal wrangling has been weighing on his mind. “I’m human,” he says. “But it’s nothing that a good blunt can’t cure.” (Rolling Stone)