[With anticipation heating up for the upcoming DC Comics flick “Suicide Squad” with Will Smith and Common, co-star Joel Kinnaman talks to SOHH about his recent offset antics during the filming of his “Run All Night” action-thriller with movie stud Liam Neeson.]

It was a hell of a good time [away from the camera]. We had a lot of fun. Liam [Neeson] is a secretly funny guy. He’s a great actor but he’s also a funny guy.

As soon as we became friends and started joking with each other, we’re always sort of messing each other up and tripping each other up before the scenes and I was always worried, “Is his back going to hold up for this whole stretch?,” and I’d [jokingly] say, “Do you need me to support you over this, old man?”

He’d just say, “Get outta the way, lad!” He was going to show me boxing. He was like, [in an Irish accent and his fists up] “Oh, so you’re a boxer now?”

I was like, “People haven’t boxed like that since the ‘20’s, when you were a kid.”

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