West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle recently revealed turning down an opportunity to join the growing Maybach Music Group empire and how badly Rick Ross wanted him down with the team.

According to Hussle, they tried to work things out but could not avoid the inevitable involvement of a corporate third party.

“Me and Rick Ross sat down and talked and he made it clear that he can make the deal that I need. And I told him that I don’t need money, I need a partnership. I needed a marketing machine and I needed international distribution for my product. Ross fought tooth and nail to make that happen for me. I respect him and salute him for that; but then we ran into the corporate structure of these companies. And again, it offended me, because here you have one of the most powerful, respected n*ggas in the game about to make a power move that’s going to incite the culture and they want us to be the ones that compromise.” (Complex)

Nipsey also emphasized how much the corporate side wanted him to cough up his integrity to sign on the dotted line.

“They should be the ones to compromise for the culture so this thing can happen. We’re not supposed to compromise and that’s what they said. They said, “Just be happy with the hood and happy with the fame of it and how it’s gonna make it look. It’s gonna be big. You’re gonna be the biggest n*gga out of the West,” and all this other sh*tt. Sell that to a ho, my n*gga. I’m a man.” (Complex)

Earlier this month, Ross revealed rap icon Kool G. Rap had an opportunity to join MMG before the label blew up around late 2010.

“You hit it right on the head,” Ross said when asked if Kool G. Rap is one of his early influences. “It was a point I flew G. Rap down to Miami and I offered G. Rap a deal, this was years ago, this was before Maybach Music Group had really took form. I was such a huge fan and we got into the studio and we did maybe three records in a couple hours. I was like, ‘Man.’ We did one record we released titled ‘Knife Fight.’ It was just good to see the homie on his feet, still doing good. [Why didn’t it work out?] For different reasons. I’m not really sure. We both agreed to certain things but through time or whatever, he was doing his thing.” (“Juan Epstein”)

Hussle recently made headlines after putting out a project with $100 price tags.

“I can’t say off top, I know I’m gonna continue to pay attention to the game and I’m not gonna follow what was done,” Nip told MTV News on Wednesday, suggesting that he won’t be following any traditional release plans. “I feel like the major labels — I’m not gonna say all of them, but as a whole — that business model is a failing and dying business model.” With Victory Lap, Nipsey does promise to keep things creative, even if it’s not the same $100 idea that he employed for Crenshaw. On Tuesday, Hussle set up a pop-up shop in his native-L.A. and sold physical copies of his latest project for $100 each, he also sold them to fans on his ownIamProud2Pay.com. (MTV)

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