[With “Run All Night” finally in theaters, actor/rapper Common talks to SOHH about suiting up for the action-packed thrill ride alongside stars Liam Neeson and Ed Harris.]

It was fun. First of all, one thing you get used to is whenever you’re in a movie and the word ‘night’ is in it, you know you’re shooting throughout the night.

So we would shoot these late nights and the action would be really fun. You just had to get used to the schedule, starting from eight at night and then shooting until the morning.

But with that said, those scenes were a lot of fun because there were a lot of fight scenes and then you have the choreographer chasing you, going through the buildings, turning the lights off, we were in the projects too so it felt real authentic. I really loved that.

One thing I really love about “Run All Night” is that you feel New York is a character. You feel the gritty part of New York and the rawness of New York. It adds to the story because sometimes when you see movies and you’re supposed to see New York, they’re shooting in Toronto or somewhere else, you don’t really get the truth of New York.

With this, you really get the truth. Everything really feels authentic. The relationships between the father and son, the best friends having to go against each other, even Price with his robotic style, you still feel authentic.