[After slaying this year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards’ The Cypher with Def Squad, rap veteran Redman talks to SOHH about the holdup with projects like “Mud Face” and “Muddy Waters 2.”]

I know I was going through a lot of changes. I would like to apologize to the fans for naming the album this-and-that.

I’m just learning this independent game. I had to learn. I’ve only been independent for like two years. I just got over the fact of thinking, like maybe a year ago, that whenever I make a chance, it cost me now.

Even though it was costing me before, I was on a label. So we weren’t seeing that money and we wasn’t thinking that if we changed something, it was going to cost us.

So now I was changing the album like, “I want to call it this and I want to call it that.” I was forgetting that I’m independent and each change is going to cost me.

So my thing was, for the Muddy Waters 2 album, I wanted to drop it but wanted to drop something in before that.

I wanted to drop a Muddy Waters mixtape. Then I had to think, “Why am I going to keep releasing this free music on the Internet?” I keep on putting on the Internet.

I realized you gotta work smarter and not harder. I had maybe nine to ten original songs on this mixtape and maybe four songs that wasn’t original.

So I’m like, “Should I play it smart?” and do the four songs, make them original, and the whole album? Or do I just throw another mixtape out?

I’m going to make an album before Muddy Waters 2 just to keep the fans hyped, just to keep relevancy.

This Muddy Waters 2 album I’m going to drop next year, it’s going to be full of samples.

I’m not playing, I’m going to save my money just to pay for these samples. It’s just to give y’all that authenticity. It’s just to give y’all that feel y’all have been missing.

It’s about getting out those samples and what you haven’t been hearing today.

I really want to get out this Mud Face album and I’m sorry because I’ve changed it from prelude to album to this album but I’m sticking with Mud Face and then Muddy Waters 2 [will come out] next year.

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