After “Dancing W/ The Stars” Elimination, Christina Milian Tells All

[After a strong run on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” competition, YMCMB’s Christina Milian speaks to SOHH readers one last time about her experience and kills some myths.]

I can definitely say, and I’ve had people ask me, when it comes to the voting, what’s really going on? This applies to “Dancing With The Stars” and when I was on the other show, “The Voice,” they always ask how real is it and do people really put their time into it.

People ask me if they’re all faking it on TV and I can tell you, “No.” This is all real. None of this stuff is scripted, none of this stuff is fake. This is all based on true personalities and everyone just being themselves. It’s all about whatever you put the time in to do and so what you’re seeing all on the TV is real.


When you’re looking at the votes and the voting system, that’s all real. They’re really counting on the people to vote and of course we have coaches and judges that help with that too, with the other half, but I can tell you from everything that you’ve seen, [it’s real]. I know on my behalf, from everything that I’ve done, it’s always been real.

There’s a lot of time and effort put into it and there’s a lot of footage that isn’t always included too.

Changing my diet since being on “Dancing With The Stars,” it’s had a small impact [on my music]. I was recording in Atlanta when I first started the show and was rehearsing. I was rehearsing and recording. I would rehearse from like 10 until 2 and then go to the studio from 4 o’clock in the afternoon until 3 o’clock in the morning.


Unfortunately, I had lost my voice from the exhaustion. So things like that have affected me. It’s because I’m doing double time. I just [had] to find my breaks and give myself little breaks to let it breathe and go back in. I [did] not want to overwork myself.

It [took] a lot of work. And you have to remember, I’m a mom, too. That is a real big focus. I have to make sure to always give equal time to my daughter as well.

Christina Milian is a multi-talented phenomenon whose resume includes film, television, theater and music. Milian is formally known for her role as the social media correspondent for the hit NBC show “The Voice”. She was also most recently seen in the television movie “The Christmas Cupid”, CBS shows “A Gifted Man” and “CSI” and recurs as the voice of Esther on “Family Guy.” Most recently, you can find Ms. Milian on the covers of Rolling Out, Unleash’d, Denim, Hydrogen and Cielo Magazines. CHRISTINA MILIAN partners with MARK BALLAS.

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