[After giving a memorable performance at the BET Hip Hop Awards, New York battle rap champion Murda Mook tells SOHH readers why his career is finally taking shape.]

I definitely feel like everything is happening at the right time. God always has a plan for you when he has a plan for you.

I’ve been around for awhile but people don’t even know I’m still in my 20’s. Since people saw me so young, they think they’ve seen me around for so long but you got people who talk about longevity, but for me to be in the game this long and to still be relevant and still be young, and I’ve been around for about 11 years already, that’s a blessing within itself.

I feel like I’m getting the stride right now. I feel like it’s been a long jog and now I’m starting to stride. Everybody is paying attention and I just feel blessed. It’s definitely about timing.

I want to give a big shout-out to Shady Records for putting together this whole “Total Slaughter” battle. I think it just started with the reality show we had on Fuse. Once that aired and then from the battle and it was on pay-per-view with the heavy promotion, so many people watched it, that’s when I think everything turned. The battle is what jump-started everything. You get that fresh look of people saying, “Hold on.”

Despite popular belief, people want to hear good rappers. That’s an art. People still want to hear the art of rhymes and how people spit with the double entendre and metaphors. People are still into that. When they watch battle rap, they get that. I think when they saw that, it started a new fan base of people who weren’t familiar with battle rap and seeing me win it, that really took me to a new level.

Now it’s just up to me to execute the right moves. I think I’m doing that right now.