Hustle Gang rapper Iggy Azalea‘s University of Southern California concert last night (December 4) was reportedly flooded with protestors seeking justice in light of recent publicized jury verdicts for slain African Americans.

According to reports, around 30 people staged a “die-in” outside of Iggy’s show.

The demonstration was just one of hundreds happening across the nation in response to grand juries deciding not to indict white officers who killed Michael Brown and Eric Garner, unarmed black men, earlier this year. “We want to be very clear about the fact that black culture seems to be loved a lot more than black people [in this country],” said Lauryn Riley, one of the protest organizers. (Los Angeles Times)

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Buzz surrounding a possible “die-in” going down bubbled online earlier in the day.

The Facebook poster asks, “Are you frustrated with the biased and inaccurate portrayal of people of color in the media? Are you tired of feeling like the plight of our people is not taken seriously? Are you angry that police are constantly getting away with murder and profiting off the loss of black lives?” Azalea has been criticized in the past for “appropriating Black culture,” according to the Facebook post. (Neon Tommy)

New York rapper Azealia Banks called out Iggy for not coming forward and bringing attention to the now-infamous Eric Garner verdict drama this week.

Although she did not name-drop Azealia, Iggy responded to the remarks early Thursday (December 4).