Weeks after radio veteran Angie Martinez packed her bags and started a new career at New York’s Power 105.1 station, Hot 97 music director Karlie Hustle has announced her resignation.

Much like Martinez, Hustle relied on social media platform Instagram to reveal the big news heading into the weekend.

“I’ve made the decision to resign my position as Music Director at Hot 97. I will remain through the end of the month to assist in the transition of duties. SIDEBAR: No. I am not going to a New York radio competitor. Thanks to Ebro Darden, I’ve spent the past three years living my dream in New York City, working at what I believe to be the most important radio station in the world. I’ve been empowered to run the Hot 97 Who’s Next Live platform and the Summer Jam Festival Stage. I’ve appeared on a TV show and had the chance to guest host on the morning show as a fill-in. I’ve been a part of launching the careers of future stars from behind the scenes. These are amazing experiences that I cannot express proper gratitude for here. These past few years have given me the confidence and the enhanced platform to start my own business.” (Karlie Hustle’s Instagram)

Karli also revealed where she would take her career following the stint at Hot 97.

“I will redirect my time and attention fully to my #HustleBowTie endeavor and the overall K. Hustle brand (buy a tie dammit: karliehustle.com ????). I will also be taking time to explore a host of new possibilities that I’ve been afforded as the result of the 13 years, six cities and six radio stations it’s taken for me to arrive at this juncture. I’m excited to step out on my own two once again and see what I’m truly made of. I’ll never forget the team at Hot 97 for being so warm and embracing this girl from the West so fully. Thank you all!” (Karlie Hustle’s Instagram)

Recent reports claimed Angie’s new salary would double since joining the Power 105.1 family.

Music insiders are buzzing that when popular disc jockey Angie Martinez jumped ship to Power 105. 1 two weeks ago, after 15 years at Hot 97, she doubled her pay. Sources tell Page Six that Clear Channel, which owns Power 105.1, offered Martinez a figure in the “high six figures.” Martinez, who was a co-host of Hot 97’s “Afternoon Drive” broadcast with DJ Enuff, will be hosting two four-hour shows in New York and Miami (Martinez’s rep had no comment). (Page Six)

While brief with his words, music mogul Dame Dash recently applauded Angie for packing her bags after decades at the iconic spot.

“Big shout-out to Angie Martinez,” Dame said in an interview. “I knew she could do it one day. I’m glad she did that. It’s time for her. She’s talented. I don’t know what happened but freedom is beautiful. She’s gonna love that.” (VLAD TV)