Reality TV star Kim Kardashian can’t catch a break in 2018 with the Internet constantly flaming her for regularly going nude on Instagram and reminding the world of her assets. With a grip on both adult entertainment and over 250,000 followers on social media, vixen Natasha Nice weighs in on the Kim K haters and also gives her take on a few steamy topics.

1. Who – would you like to see have a nude leak next?

That’s hard to say there are so many! I just watched the Oscars the other night and I wouldn’t mind seeing J.Law with Zendaya.

2. What – do you think of Kim Kardashian constantly going nude for the ‘gram?

She’s caught a lot of backlash from followers and celebs alike but should she keep slaying? I’m not the girl who is ever going to talk sh*t about female nudity [laughs]. If she wants to go nude, I want her to go nude. People need to stop hating, jealousy is not cute.

3. Where – do you stand in the debate between Instagram models and adult actresses? Some adult stars have pointed out IG vixen make more than what they make for a post compared to a full day’s worth. Any truth to this or nah?

Summertime is coming girls and @fashionnova has the cutest lil sets 😍

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I believe it’s true, why would they lie? But they’re probably talking about the top IG models and the smaller pornstars. Like I don’t think a hot chic in lingerie is going to sell more than the most famous pornstars in the world.

4. When – do you think these futuristic-looking sex bots will take over the adult industry – if ever?

When they become waterproof.

5. Why – is PornHub such a hit with celebs these days?

Because everyone loves sex! If I could see my favorite celebrities f*k, I totally would!

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