[With a track record in Hollywood and after recently appearing in the newly released "Captive” DVD, actress Mimi Rogers talks to SOHH about the popularity of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon taking over the entertainment industry.]

I think it’s terrific to have films and shows going into streaming. It’s created so many more opportunities for actors and so many more opportunities to do brilliant, original programming.

I think the explosion of streaming shows has taken the lead of the most exciting things happening in television.

Whether it’s Netflix or Amazon or Starz, there’s just so many outlets and so much creativity going on in television.

I’ve done two seasons of “Bosch” now for Amazon and I’ve worked on “Ash vs Evil Dead” for Starz, so like I said, it’s a two-pronged benefit. There’s more work and opportunity for writers, actors, directors and everybody.

But the viewers are the big winners because there’s all of this extraordinary material.