New York rapper Action Bronson continues to make a name for himself away from the microphone as new footage of him making a little concertgoer’s dream come true has surfaced.

In the new clip, Brosolini is shown getting a bit too personal with a dwarf.

We should just start putting Action Bronson’s “stage toss” in the same category as Kanye West‘s rants. At this point, both seem inevitable whenever each rapper hits the stage. After recently putting grown man hands on a security guard, Bam Bam continued his antics at a concert in Santa Ana, CA. Except this time, it was all in good fun, we think. During his set, Bron Bron grabbed a gleeful little person and tossed him into the crowd, not once but twice. We can’t make this stuff up folks. (XXL Mag)

Last week, Bronson was spotted facing-off against a security guard in some widely circulated concert footage.

Action Bronson’s a big guy, and he’s not scared to throw his weight around (literally). During a show in Portland last night, Bam Bam offered the fade to one poor security guard. Security approached the burly MC on stage after he lit a joint, before getting put on his ass by two swift and mighty shoves. It looked like the show was put on hold for a minute, but that clearly didn’t bother the crowd. (Miss Info TV)

Coincidentally, a separate bizarre situation took place during another West Coast show days prior.

Just this past weekend, Bronson showed off more moves in his arsenal at a show in Seattle. After one particularly gutsy fan climbed on stage, Bam Bam charged at him like a bull who just saw a red cape and launched him back into the crowd. People just don’t learn, do they? (Miss Info TV)

The rapper made sure to show he was in good spirits following the Portland concert.

“PORTLAND ANOTHER LEGENDARY NIGHT!!!! WOOOOOOO!!,” Bronson tweeted February 3. (Action Bronson’s Twitter)

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