New York’s best culinary chef-rapper has delivered a major announcement. Today, Action Bronson finally reveals the artwork for his upcoming Only For Dolphins album.

Big Facts

On Friday, Action went to his reliable Instagram page to end the mystery. After mounted anticipation, Bronson shared the project’s cover.

“After many attempts and lots of man hours I finally created the art for my new album ‘Only For Dolphins.’ This sh*t gonna be crazy.”

Action Bronson finally reveals Only For Dolphins album artwork

High-Key Details

In November 2019, AB gave fans an up-close look at his newborn son. The pic featured Bronson cradling his mini-me shortly after his birth.

“A new chapter of life.”

Wait, There’s More

In late October 2019, Bronson shared a pic of his queen. His mystery bae is featured topless and showing off a big baby bump.

“Our love has survived millions of lifetimes for us to come together in this one. My indigenous queen.”

Before You Go

Finally, in August 2019 Bronsolini shared a head-scratching but awesome pic. The photo features himself bloodied up alongside Hollywood director Judd Apatow.

“Flushing’s Finest. Judd Apatow.”