New York rapper Action Bronson is living the high life after reportedly spending $20,000 on a collector’s edition bong.

According to reports, Bronsolini has expanded his extensive collection with a new, state of the art addition.

AB picked up his “respiratory recycler” bong — made by blowing artist AKM — over the weekend. It took 2 weeks to complete, and the final price tag was $20,000! Art dealer Marcel Soufan — who also owns a Tampa smoke shop — says Action’s collection is major. He delivered a Japanese SLOP glass pipe to the rapper just last week … and estimates Action has stockpiled about $50k worth of super fancy bongs. (TMZ)

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Over the past few days, Bronson has flooded his Instagram page with bong posts.

What a gorgeous family 🚀🚀 @mesonja @joepglass #fuckthatsdelicious #BlueChips7000 #ancientaliens #hetti

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