New York rapper Action Bronson is back to music-making after a publicized dispute with hip-hop veteran Ghostface Killah this past summer.

Bronsolini announced plans to start work on a new album on Twitter Monday (October 5).

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Wu-Tang affiliate Popa Wu addressed summer rumors about having an altercation with Bronson over a Ghostface dispute in August.

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Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah denied his involvement in the face-off on social media a few months ago.

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Although brief with his words, rap star 50 Cent recently admitted he could see Ghost confronting Action in-person.

“I don’t know why he said that stuff,” Fif said when asked for his take on Action and Ghostface’s situation. “I think Ghost is gonna catch him. I really think he’s gonna catch that kid.” (Hot 104.1 FM)

Ghost revealed he had not accepted Bronson’s open apology in an interview a few months ago.

“Will you accept the apology,” someone asked Ghost. “No. That’s it,” Ghost responded. (Revolt TV)