New York rapper Action Bronson has teased fans with a mini-update on his highly-anticipated Blue Chips 7000 mixtape this week.

Although he did not pencil in a drop date, Bronson treated supporters to an Instagram post on the upcoming release Monday (May 9).

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Last week, Action hinted at the possibility of Blue Chips 7000 arriving sometime this month.

“There’s Blue Chips 7000 coming. I don’t know what the f*ck, it could have been an album, it could have been this,” Bronson said in an interview. “I have Party Supplies on there again, Alchemist, newcomer Knowledge – I just gotta f*cking tie up some loose ends. [Release?] This month. As soon as it’s done, I’ma drop it.” (Beats 1)

Bronson blamed television duties for slowing down his music-making back in March.

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Back in December, Action announced new album release plans.

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