New York rapper Action Bronson is staying inside and shaking the weight. The hip-hop veteran has shared a must-see pic of himself putting in workout goals alongside his son.

Big Facts

Bronson went to Instagram Monday with the epic-looking moment. In the shot, he’s laying down alongside his recently born mini-me.

“My workout partner” -Action Bronson’s Instagram

Action Bronson and his son on a workout

High-Key Details

In November 2019, AB gave fans an up-close look at his newborn son. The pic featured Bronson cradling his mini-me shortly after his birth.

“A new chapter of life.”

Action Bronson’ and his son on the day he was born

Wait, There’s More

In late October 2019, Bronson shared a pic of his queen. His mystery bae is featured topless and showing off a big baby bump.

“Our love has survived millions of lifetimes for us to come together in this one. My indigenous queen.” -Action Bronson’s Instagram

Action shared a picture of his bae before his son was born

Before You Go

In February, Action Bronson shared his frustrations on Viceland holding back the new season of his show F*ck, That’s Delicious.

“The rapper and chef took to Twitter to air out some of his frustrations with his Viceland show, F*ck, That’s Delicious, which has suffered some setbacks.

“‘F*ck, Thats Delicious! Season whatever it is has been ready and the motherfuckas are holding it hostage. My contract is over in full in March and I promise Im gonna shove it down your fucking throats every chance I get. You’ve sabotaged my shows at every turn. FTD 4 eva,’ he wrote.”

Finally, back in August 2019 Bronsolini shared a head-scratching but awesome pic. The photo features himself bloodied up alongside Hollywood director Judd Apatow.

“Flushing’s Finest. Judd Apatow.”

We still have so many questions about this image Bronson!