New York rapper Action Bronson is fully loaded again. The hip-hop artist has released his new “Let Me Breathe” music video.

On Friday (June 30), Bronsolini unleashed his new must-see visual as a joint behind-the-scenes and actual music video.

“This joint’ll have people fucking shaking their fucking asses, breaking their fucking head, crashing their car into Boston Market. Straight up running into Chinese food restaurants, naked going crazy,” Action Bronson promised us earlier this month when he shared his new single “Let Me Breathe.” And with the video, premiering above, there’s no shred of doubt left that he’s 100 percent right. (Noisey Vice)

In mid-June, Action blessed fans with his new “Let Me Breathe” single.

Action Bronson, the Flushing, Queens chef-turned-rapper / food show personality / writer has announced the third and final installment of his highly popular Blue Chips series with Blue Chips 7000 coming later this summer via VICE/Atlantic. Featuring old friends and FTD regulars Big Body Bes and Mayhem Lauren along with Rick Ross and others (more to be announced soon) Bronsolino is getting back to basics with the style of Queens rap that brought him to the forefront of hip-hop 5 years ago. In that vein Bronson worked with some of his most frequent and trusted producers for the project in Alchemist, Harry Fraud and of course no Blue Chips project would be complete without the talents of BC OG Party Supplies.

Recently, Bronsolini teased fans about his long-awaited Blue Chips 7000 project.

A few weeks ago, AB expressed some frustrations about his delayed music release.