West Coast rapper Ab-Soul is going to make sure his long-awaited These Days… studio release lives up to the hype with guest spots from music heavyweights Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco and more. #FamousFriends

The elusive rapper’s new album tracklisting hit the Internet Friday (June 13).

These Days… Tracklisting: 1. “God’s Reign” feat. SZA (produced by Purity Ring) 2. “Tree of Life” (produced Curti$$ King and DJ Dahi) 3. “Hunnid Stax” feat. ScHoolboy Q (produced by Kenny Beats) 4. “Dub Sac” (produced by Dave Free & Tommy Black) 5. “World Runners” feat. Lupe Fiasco and Nikki Jean (produced by Tae Beast) 6. “Nevermind That” feat. Rick Ross (produced by The Kathy) 7. “TWACT” feat. Jinx and Short Dawg (produced by DNYC3) 8. “Just Have Fun” (produced by Like and Blended Babies) 9. “Kendrick Lamar’s Interlude” feat. Kendrick Lamar (produced by Terrace Martin) 10. “Closure” (produced by Sounwave) 11. “Sapiosexual” (produced by J. Cole) 12. “Stigmata” feat. Action Bronson and Asaad (produced by Rahki) 13. “Feelin’ Us” feat. Jay Rock and RaVaughn (produced by Skhye Hutch) 14. “Ride Slow” feat. Danny Brown and Delusional Thomas (produced by Larry Fisherman) 15. “W.R.O.H.” feat. JMSN (produced by Tae Beast) (These Days…)

Along with the artwork, Ab revealed his long-awaited album would drop on June 24 last month.

“June 24th http://youtu.be/xXDxeSXk2Qg,” Ab tweeted May 30.

“These Days… http://instagram.com/p/oo4CeNxwdr/” (Ab-Soul’s Twitter)

Ab recently detailed how much thought went into the album title.

“Originally, I didn’t want a super conceptual title. I didn’t want to freak anybody out. A lot of people do like that concept-driven perspective and that’s cool, but I just wanted to loosen up a bit. I wanted to make the overall concept broader. I wanted it to be like a time capsule to represent where I’ve been between my last project and this one.” (Life + Times)

Despite chart-topping success from ScHoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar, Soul denied feeling pressure of delivering with These Days… in a recent interview.

“I’m from LA, where you got to be a cool n*gga and you can’t walk around with too much fear in your heart. That’s just how I was brought up. I’ve walked this earth a long time without the media, so I don’t really see the media being an issue for me. I’m not signed to a major label. I’m signed to Top Dawg. It’s a Top Dawg party, so I’m rolling this project out in a similar fashion to how I rolled out my past projects.” (Life + Times)