New York rapper A$AP Rocky‘s sidekick A$AP Yams recently stepped up to speak on the hip-hop newcomer’s overnight success and what role he plays in the music star’s career.

According to Yams, he has an extremely influential part in Rocky’s personal life and business career.

“I mean, realistically, I’m the boss,” Yams said in an interview. “Like, I’m the boss of the whole operation. Like, nothing goes through without me and Rocky approving it first. And whatever Rocky does, I make sure I’m hands-on with all that stuff. I would consider Rocky to be Luke Skywalker and I’d probably be like Yoda, very cozy with the robe on, very casual, whatever advice he wants on life, his career, or any obstacles, he just comes to me. I’m, uh, the spirit guy, something like that.” (New York Times)

He also took a moment to pronounce Rocky’s new solo debut an instant classic comparable to Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z‘s most celebrated albums.

Long. Live. A$AP is a New York record, first and foremost,” Yams added. “It follows a similar formula, I would say, to Life After Death, by Notorious B.I.G., A Hard Knock Life, by Jay-Z, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ to 50 Cent. Not as aggressive. People can say anything they want about Rocky, ‘He sounds like he’s from here. He sounds like he’s from there.’ I don’t care what nobody says, people don’t know what New York rap sounds like in 2012 ’cause it’s been so messed up for the past five years. How you know what New York rap sounds like? You either get with the program or stay in the past and pop bottles to corny records and things of that nature.” (New York Times)

This week, the Harlem, New York rapper reacted to his new LP crushing its competition atop the music sales chart.

“Let’s really think back on this, my joint leaked a month early,” Rocky told MTV News on Tuesday from Paris, where he is spending fashion week. “Like this is a crazy, this is a blessing, yo. The fact that we’re sitting here talking about … having a #1 album is just crazy alone because we leaked a month early … a whole month.” Rocky was definitely in a mood to celebrate considering that the album leaked much earlier than most do these days and things could have turned out way differently. “They didn’t have to go buy it because everybody listened to it for free,” he said. “That means that people just really wanted to support. It must mean that the proof is in the pudding and people appreciate art again. I’m just thankful man.” (MTV)

After only seven days, Long. Live. A$AP has already sold nearly 140,000 copies.

New York rap newcomer A$AP Rocky’s Long.Live.A$AP crushed its competition at No. 1 this week. According to Nielsen Soundscan, his long-awaited debut has shelled out 139,000 albums after seven days in stores. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

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