New York rapper A$AP Rocky is living in a London state of mind these days. The hip-hop stud recently dished on his long-awaited new studio album.

With plans to put the project out before 2018, Rocky recently discussed piecing together the audio gem and finding new tunes overseas.

The third A$AP Rocky album will be out later this year (or ‘A-S-A-P: no pun intended’). Its creator likes working in London, always has. ‘It’s just special to me for some reason. I’m just… I express myself way better when I’m in an environment that allows me to be. When I’m here, for the most part, I’m in a peaceful, creative environment and I’m testing the waters and making new music, messing around with new sounds and anything that’s innovative.’ I ask him who he has been working with, and after checking with one of his people — ‘Can I say?’ — he reveals that he has ‘been working a lot with my boy Skepta, just exchanging energy and vibes in a brotherly way.’ (Evening Standard)

A couple weeks ago, Rocky revealed his intent to put the album out in the near future.

Recently, A$AP said fans could expect his album to drop before 2018.

“A.S.A.P. It’s about to drop. [Before the year’s over?] Yeah, for sure. For sure. [A.L.L.A] was ahead of its time. That was abnormal then, but in the near future, now in the present, it’s going to be normal, trust me.” (Complex)

Earlier this year, A$AP Rocky revealed his interest in recording new music overseas.

So when, exactly, is the new music coming out? “ASAP, no pun intended. The ‘Cozy Tapes’ stuff [the album from his hip-hop collective A$AP Mob] is coming out first.” On Jan. 27 via Twitter, Mayers previewed a track called “Please Don’t Touch My Raf.” “You know, like Raf Simons. It’s a popular hashtag,” he noted of the title. For now, he remains in London recording. “It feels like home to me and it’s not too far from New York. Then I’m off to Hawaii and a few other places to record, and to Japan to get inspired.” (WWD)

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