New York rapper A$AP Rocky is ready to end 2017 with a bang of new music. The hip-hop artist recently talked about putting together fresh audio heat.

In a GQ interview, Rocky admitted music is dominating his state of mind through the end of 2017.

“Right now, it’s music,” Rocky said when asked what his current priority is. “Last year was businesses and developing all our new artists. Playboi Carti went platinum. Smooky MarGielaa is on the rise. Twelvyy album came out. A$AP Ferg mixtape came out—he always got number ones and bangers. Nast, Addie, up next. Cozy Tapes Vol. 2 is out right now. Now it’s all about me making music again.” (GQ)

In the same Q&A, A$AP spoke up for his ability to slay collaborations.

“I can see why they think that sometimes,” Rocky added when told some people may see him more focused on fashion than music. “I really wanted to take time out to show people I was an entrepreneur. I’m a businessman—you gotta take me serious. I can’t help that I look good doing it. But if you just look at my catalog from this year, everything I get on, I body. I’m selective about what I get on. I’m particular. I wasn’t really featuring with other artists. But this year, I’m showing n*ggas stop playing me, stop sleeping on me. I’m the god of this sh*t.” (GQ)

Last month, Rocky revealed his intent to put an album out in the near future.

Recently, A$AP said fans could expect his album to drop before 2018.

“A.S.A.P. It’s about to drop. [Before the year’s over?] Yeah, for sure. For sure. [A.L.L.A] was ahead of its time. That was abnormal then, but in the near future, now in the present, it’s going to be normal, trust me.” (Complex)