Chances are if you ever come across A$AP Rocky‘s $15,000 Rolex at one of his shows, you should kindly return it as a fight broke out last night (June 6) in London after he noticed his pricey watch went missing.

Based on footage currently circulating online, Rocky and his crew went on a headhunting search for theives last night before finally retrieving the watch.

A$AP Rocky’s British fans got more than they bargained for during his show in London. The “Goldie” rapper was performing at Camden Electric Ballroom on Wednesday night when he noticed his Rolex had gone missing. So he and his A$AP Mob took matters into their own hands, stage diving into the crowd to find the thief. “Does it look like I’m playing right now?” Pretty Flacko asked the crowd as the house lights went on. “We not gon’ end our show just ’cause somebody took a $15,000 watch. F**k it, man.” Moments later, the pricey wristwear was recovered and he went on with the show, yelling, “F**k that ni**a up, f**k him. Beat his a**!” (Rap-Up)

Back in March, Rocky found himself in another altercation with concertgoers in Austin, Texas.

A brawl broke out between Harlem rapper ASAP Rocky and his crew against a drunken crowd at a Vice party around 3:30AM Sunday morning, ending the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas, with a small eruption of violence for the second year in a row. The last of perhaps one too many A$AP Rocky gigs began with their usual antagonistic, punk rock-styled antics, including slam-dancing, stage-diving, crowd-surfing and spitting, during a late-night concert in a downtown warehouse venue. But all that intensity finally took a turn for the worst, as it did in 2011 when irate fans denied entry to a SXSW reunion concert by Toronto hard rock duo DFA1979 broke out into a riot. (Spinner)

As the story goes, tensions flared after an A$AP group member had beer thrown at him on stage.

Despite angry yelling from both sides, Rocky tried to defuse the situation and seemed on the verge of pulling it off — until someone threw another beer can at the rapper. At this point, Rocky warned against throwing anything onstage other than water or there would be consequences. When that was followed by more stuff being thrown, Rocky and his crew leapt into the crowd, fists flying. Most of the audience scrambled to get out of the way, but several men mixed it up with the rappers as a full-blown brawl ensued for several minutes. At least one audience person had a gash on his head from the fight. Eventually, security managed to clear the room and the police arrived to shut the party down. (Spinner)

Recently, the Harlem, New York emcee spoke on learning stage presence and crowd control from touring with platinum-selling rapper Drake.

“I learned how to, you know, like gain confidence, stage presence,” Rocky revealed in an interview when asked what he has taken from touring alongside Drake. “Because honestly, before all of this, I honestly was partying with the crowd. It really wasn’t me doing a show, it was actually me just performing. It’s a difference because now I put on an actual show.” (MTV’s Buzzworthy)

Check out the Rolex incident below: