A$AP Mob’s A$AP Rocky has finally opened up about the unexpected passing of his longtime friend and group founder A$AP Yams this weekend.

After cutting a Utah performance short last night (January 24), Rocky admitted he is currently in a state of mourning.

“That performance –that was just going to stop me from crying,” Rocky said, speaking for the first time in detail about Yams’ death. “I had to address it, because the whole time I was rapping and I wasn’t into it, which is sad, but I just gotta keep it real. I can’t front. It’s even harder knowing that I gotta fly out in less than an hour just to go bury him. That’s the part that eats at me.” (Billboard)

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Rocky also admitted the passing of time would eventually seal his pain.

“I’m a happy spirit man, and I feel like time heals,” he said. “It’s all about good people with good energy, and the universe keeps producing them to me. I’ll be fine. God is good and I keep all hope and faith.” (Billboard)

A$AP Mob’s A$AP Ant came forward to rule out Yams overdose reports earlier this week.

“It ain’t no overdose. People stop saying overdose ’cause that’s not what it is. It’s not an overdose. People keep talking about he overdosed on Xanax and shit like that, lean. No, that’s not what happened at all. I don’t wanna talk on it. It wasn’t that though at all.” (VLAD TV)

Rocky broke the shocking news to fans on Instagram last Sunday (January 18).


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