New York rapper A$AP Ferg is finally update fans on A$AP Rocky‘s state of mind. The A$AP Mob member came forward today to let supporters know how he’s handling his current incarceration in Sweden.

Ferg went to Instagram Wednesday and spoke on Rocky’s behalf in light of all the support he’s received since getting locked up over an alleged assault.

This week, the man who allegedly provoked Rocky’s camp did not get charged.

The man involved in an altercation with A$AP Rocky that led to the rapper’s arrest and detainment in a Swedish jail will not be charged after he was “suspected of molestation and assault,” Swedish prosecutors announced Monday. Along with investigating the rapper, the Swedish Prosecution Authority also launched a preliminary investigation into two men who had been following Rocky prior to the incident. (Rolling Stone)

Despite footage appearing to show the man throwing headphones at Rocky’s camp, prosecutors didn’t feel charges would hold up in court.

“The person who filed the counter-notice repeatedly asks the other person to leave. When he refuses to leave, the other person first pushes him away and then takes a grip around the other person’s neck and lifts him away a few meters. In this situation, the person throws his headphones on the notifier,” said senior public prosecutor Daniel Suneson, the person in charge of the investigation, Monday in a news release. (LA Times)

The controversial case has even motivated President Donald Trump to get involved and recently announce he’s making power moves to try to get Rocky released.