A$AP Mob and group member A$AP Ferg have reportedly been sued by a woman following a crowd surfing injury which took place at a California concert two years ago.

According to reports, female victim Tammy Nguyen said crowd surfing put her in a world of pain back in 2013.

She says A$AP members, including Darold Ferguson, Jr. — better known as A$AP Ferg — were diving in the crowd, along with a bunch of fans. When Ferguson jumped, Nguyen says he nailed her. And what’s worse, she says she had to fight her way through the crowd to get out, and security didn’t help. She’s suing the group and Ferguson. (TMZ)

Check out what A$AP Ferg said about his late pal A$AP Yams on the next page…

Ferg recently said late A$AP Mob founder A$AP Yams‘ spirit still lived on with his crew.

“I feel his spirit every time I walk out the house,” Ferg tells VIBE. “I talk to his moms like every day. There’s not a day that goes past that I don’t think about Yams. Like I said on my Instagram, ‘Your body is just a shell, your spirit is here forever.’ I really believe that Yams is still here with us, rockin’ with us. He’s the reason why we’re always safe at our shows, and why we keep climbin’ to the top. He foreseen a lot of this stuff. He was Yoda, bro.” (VIBE)

Recently, New York Times writer Jon Caramanica claimed Yams passed away from mixed drug intoxication on social media.

According to reports, Yams’ funeral service went down in late January in New York City.

On Sunday, late A$AP Mob founder Steven Rodriguez, aka A$AP Yams, was celebrated with a quiet memorial service at New York’s famous Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel, an Upper East Side funeral home that has in the past hosted similar such sendoffs for celebrities like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Ed Koch, Judy Garland, John Lennon, Heath Ledger, Aaliyah, Notorious B.I.G., and most recently, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joan Rivers. (The FADER)