[With the annual A3C Fest fully kicked off this week, festival director Mike Walbert speaks to SOHH about the five-day showcase’s yearly challenges.]

Each year we learn so much. We plan for 11 months, or 10 months, but you only have 5 days to see how it turns out.

So you might have an idea in your head that you think is awesome and you might think, “This is going to be the dopest event!” But then it can turn out to be a complete flop.

You’re like, “What did I do wrong?”

Festivals and everything we do is an experiment. Every year we’re looking to make it bigger and better. How can we make it better for artists? How can we make it better for fans? What are we missing?

We really do listen to people. We talk to our staff. We talk to fans. We talk to curators. We try to get all the feedback. And a lot of stuff is just mistakes we make that are really simple mistakes and some are really big ideas like we can do more stuff in film.

We try to listen to our fans because they’re going to tell us what to do.

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