Renowned A Tribe Called Quest and Black Sheep group members Jarobi and Dres have united to join the current Occupy Wall Street movement, dropping their new music video in support of the protest entitled, “P.T.I.”.

Details of their new partnership, including a forthcoming joint album, hit the Internet this week.

In 2010, Dres reemerged, releasing From The Black Pool Of Genius, and now the Black Sheep emcee is joining forces with Jarobi, one-fourth of the founding core behind fellow Native Tongues group A Tribe Called Quest. The duo will release a currently untitled album under the moniker EVITAN (NATIVE, spelled backwards) in early 2012, and the first single from that album is “P.T.I. (Occupy Wall Street),” a song that touches not only the specific happenings of the Occupy movement, but also on the broader feelings of anger, uncertainty, and a desire to mobilize felt by young and old people across the country. (Press Release)

Dres said their presence was needed to help strengthen the protests.

“The 99% need to have not just a voice, but voices,” says Dres on what inspired them to write the song. “We need to have more voices that speak to our plight beyond what is given to us via the media.” And despite the logistical difficulties, Dres and Jarobi were adamant about shooting the video amongst the OWS protesters, noting that they “couldn’t be soldiers and not see the front line.” This is the first offering of the upcoming project, due in early 2012. (Baller Status)

Recently, Houston’s Slim Thug gave SOHH his take on the media attention-generating movement.

“I Tweeted some stuff about it but I don’t really know much about it,” Thugga told SOHH referring to the Occupy Wall Street protests. “I don’t really get the whole meaning behind it. They’re out there saying they don’t like banks ripping them off or they don’t have no jobs. The protests are real. I definitely think something is wrong. I don’t know if what they’re doing is effective enough. I’ve seen the police clearing them out in New York, handling them. I don’t know how to picture it. It’s definitely something f*cked up about 99 percent of people not getting paid [compared to the 1 percent of wealthy incomers gaining the majority of the concentration]. That’s definitely f*cked up, and I support that, but I just don’t know if that’s the right way [to have their demands met]. They’re too peaceful to me, they need to be a little bit more forceful. If you’re going to just put some tents out there, then just let the homeless people stay there and you can go home. They can just sleep in front of those buildings.” (SOHH)

Atlanta’s Young Jeezy echoed similar sentiments when he recently said he would also take matters to the next level.

“I would riot,” Jeezy said, cosigning the 99% (as the protestors refer to themselves), “because we gotta get the money out of Washington. This is real. When you got middle class people taking a stance– because we always took a stance by the way, we always stood in the middle of our projects, our ghetto, and took our stance and our stance was hustling, robbing, what have you, to suvive. So now they don’t have those same options, so they gotta go march…So if it’s gonna take some protests — motherf*ckers have protested about less, unions and busses and sh*t–so now is the time. I think everybody should take their a** down there. That’s what I say.” (XXL Mag)

Check out the “P.T.I.” music video down below: