Do you need a new movie to add to your collection? Want to finally see A Quiet Place? Bored with what’s on TV and streaming services right now?

Today, check out A Quiet Place star Leon Russom‘s top five reasons you should watch A Quiet Place on Digital HD and Blu-ray now! [Be sure to read each reason and enter to win you own A Quiet Place bundle pack which includes 4K Combo Pack, Quiet Candy, Kitchen Timer, Safety Alarm, Flashlight, Rocket Stress, Toy. Socks and Dry Erase Clip!]

Reason 1: Game Changer

If you’re not into horror movies, this one so transcends the genre. It’s just simply a great film regardless of the genre. It’s just a beautifully made artistic film that doesn’t wear its artistry.

[If you’re a fan of star-bound child stars, check out the second reason…]

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