R&B entertainer 6lack is here to speak up. As he prepared to release new single “ATL Freestyle” to the masses, the popular crooner put up a new social media post addressing systemic racism as a black man in America.

6lack x Dear America

This week, 6lack wrote a heartfelt message about being African-American in the United States. He stressed the importance of helping each other and sticking together during this hectic time.

“A few words… with the amount of pain and anger I feel in my heart, releasing a song at this very moment doesn’t feel like a great priority. Nothing ever prepares you for how to feel when you’re constantly faced with the last dying breaths of black people, my people, on your television or phone screens every single day. To be black in America is to be aware that I’m valued less by some of the people in this country. So I’m writing this letter because my heart and my skin color won’t ever allow me to be in the public eye and not make it very clear on where I stand in times of injustice. Always and forever before music, the respect of my people comes first.” – 6lack’s Instagram

The Freestyle

Following the release of his letter, 6lack dropped his emotional “ATL Freestyle” record and music video.

“atl freestyle out now, video out tomorrow 👨🏾‍💻 link in bio” – 6lack’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

New York rapper Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion want justice for George Floyd, the innocent black man recently killed by police. The hip-hop pair lit up social media to encourage fans to sign a petition to get the now-fired cops charged for Floyd’s death. Both Cardi and Meg went to their Instagram pages to reach millions of followers and encourage fans to sign an online petition to pressure a district attorney.

“It will literally take less then a minute of your time .THANK YOU !” -Cardi B’s Instagram

“Hotties let’s come together to demand #justiceforgeorgefloyd 🙏🏽 link in my bio” – Megan Thee Stallion’s Instagram

Before You Go

On Thursday, West Coast rapper Day Sulan pitched a way any American could peacefully protest police brutality. Day explained the importance of all people of color in America uniting to not spend money for one day to address blacks getting shot.

“Wake Up Ya’ll #BLACKOUTDAY2020 💯✊🏽✍🏽”

“But Real Sht Tho Fck That. White People Too If Y’all Feel This Sh*t Y’all Needa Stand Wit Us Ain’t No Just Minorities The More The Better 💯 #BlackOut2020” – Day Sulan’s Instagram