New York rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is keeping it fully 100. The hip-hop newcomer has explained the motivation behind terminating his team in a public video announcement.

During a “Breakfast Club” interview, 6ix9ine revealed his booking team hid concert money deals from him.

“There’s so much money out here to be stealing. So these dirty promoters, right- they’re dirty, I go out and they’re like, ‘Yo, these venues are scared of you.’ Most of the money is going to security and the local police because they don’t want you there – so I’m like, ‘I want to clean my name. Let’s get it started.’ So I’m in LA, let’s just say with some people and they’re like, ‘Come to our show here.’ I say I’m not coming to the show. They say, ‘How come you’re not coming to the show. It’s 60,000 [dollars].’ My rate, everybody knows my rate is 100k and over. They call me and say, ‘Are you crazy? We just put the 80,000 [dollars deposit] in.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ They’re like, ‘Yeah.’ These dirty a** f*cking promoters called me and said ‘Yo, his mom lives at this address.’ Give them my address and said, ‘If he doesn’t do the show, go do something to his mother.’ I talked to the guy and said, ‘How many shows you got?’ He said, ‘Yo, I got most of the shows on this thing.’ I said, ‘Aight, how much?’ He said we got you for a couple dates. You just signed to 3.6 million [dollars]. I said, ‘What?’ You just did these couple of dates but we didn’t low-ball you. It’s 3.6 million for the 15 dates. So it’s not 300,000?” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Yesterday, 6ix9ine announced his decision to cut ties with his entire team and nixed a nationwide tour.

“What’s up everybody? I’m letting everybody know that I cancelled my whole tour. The American dates is not happening. It’s not going down. Austin, Texas, I think I was supposed to be there today. I’m not going to there. I spoke to the promoters – we are going to be in business. I am going to be in Austin, Texas. I fired everybody in my team. I’ve got no manager, no booking agent, no PR, no publicist, I don’t got nobody on my team. It’s just me. I want everybody to know if you’re booking shows, do not book shows unless I say ‘this’ show is going to be booked with this person. They will steal your money, they’re not me, I’m not signing no f*cking contracts that don’t got nothing to do with me. Whoever is doing shows for Tekashi 6ix9ine is stealing your f*cking money. So if you need shows, I will let people know I’m doing shows or if you not on the phone with me, do not book that show because it is not me. I fired everybody. I don’t give a f*ck who you used to see me with. They’re no longer around. It’s a f**king dub. November 23 the album drops.”

Recently, producer Scott Storch shared in-studio footage of himself and Tek.

A few days ago, Tek promised he had the best project of the year gearing up to drop.

“So I’ve been working on this project for the f*cking past week and I’m letting you know now this is the best f*cking project you’re gonna hear this f*cking year. You know how mad n*ggas put out projects and they got one song and they be like, ‘Oh sh*t, you heard that n*gga album or EP or mixtape or whatever,’ and they got one song? Every song on this f*cking project is a f*cking Billboard hit. It’s a f*cking banger. Watch the f*cking numbers. Watch the first week f*cking sales, man. You know the vibes.”