[As the snow starts to melt away and spring creeps closer, popular gaming company 505 Games treated SOHH and other select media outlets to an exclusive look at two extremely awesome video games titles set to take over this summer: ADR1FT and Payday 2: Crimewave Edition.]

Shoutout @505_Games for hooking #SOHH with a look at their upcoming #CrimeWave2 game!

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#Adrift was so incredible. Coming 6/15! Perfect time for summer fun! @505_games

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In true baller fashion, 505 Games went to the extreme and treated its special invited media guests to an entire floor of New York City’s AMC Empire 25 movie theater to showcase their two titles on 70-foot screens where we not only watched trailers but had a chance to play. 505 Games’ Payday 2: Crimewave Edition’s preview made Grand Theft Auto V’s heist missions look like training wheels:

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Not only do you reap the benefits that come with setting up elaborate heists, which feature celebrity cameos like “Breaking Bad’s” Giancarlo Esposito, but you really get to rally up your friends and go guns blazing into some extreme situations. For only $50-$60 bucks, you have the must-own game of summer 2015 (tentatively June ’15).

If the heist schemes weren’t enough, 505 Games upped the ante with a preview of their upcoming ADR1FT game which basically feels like “Gravity” and “Instellar” on steroids!

#Adrift preview from @505_Games! Very dope! Futuristic! #SOHH exclusive look! #VideoGames #Gaming

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This is how NOT to play #Adrift! Don't die! #Oxygen #VideoGames #Gaming #ComingJune

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[sol[soliloquy id=”101365"] [solil[soliloquy slug=”adr1ft-31215"]p>Sorry folks, this isn’t “Star Wars” or some bad sci-fi-inspired game a developer threw together. Instead, this is a finely-tuned space adventure that’ll show you just how alone you might be if you ever go up into the galaxy and experience cabin problems.

Without spill too many details, the game centers on an unnamed character trying to find out how ‘ish hit the fan and they are going to be plenty of twists involved, so be prepared. The good news? The game will only cost you around $20. The bad? You’re going to have to wait until June 2015. Start getting excited!