G-Unit‘s 50 Cent isn’t ready for the overload of New York Knicks fans coming back to root for the star-studded team.

Fif relied on Instagram Tuesday (October 25) night to troll fans jumping on the Knicks bandwagon.


Last summer, rapper Lil B said he would remove his “Based God Curse” from NBA star Kevin Durant if he joined the Knicks.

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Earlier in the year, diehard Knicks fan Torae told SOHH who he thought should coach the team.

“As much as you can have good talent, you gotta have a good coach. You gotta have somebody who understands where you are in the game and execute down in the close. I think that’s a big problem the Knicks had this season and last season, just not being able to execute and finish games. Phil [Jackson] is already in town. Phil is, of course, the Zen master. That would be kind of special. I like Mark Jackson. I think he deserves a shot in New York. I like Tom Thibodeau. He was an amazing coach, very defensive-minded.” (SOHH)