Music mogul 50 Cent has social media buzzing. The hip-hop veteran has appeared to ditch his business ties with popular alcoholic beverage Effen Vodka.

According to some viral coverage, Fif’s stop promoting Effen and may have sold his stake in the company.

On top of that, 50 was also spotted holding a bottle of Ciroc during a Fourth of July party at Angel’s Strip Club in New York City which left many surprised and confused. But the truth is now out — 50 is no longer associated with EFFEN. Almost all past hashtags on his Instagram have been removed and the Breakfast Club on Power 105 NY revealed the news that the G-Unit boss has sold off his stake in the company. DJ Envy then said that he reportedly sold his share for about $60 million. (Hip-Hop N More)

Back in March, Fif went viral for putting together a potentially widespread Effen challenge.

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In January, New York producer DJ Kay Slay gave 50’s Effen a strong co-sign.




Last fall, Fif used his vodka company to troll Ciroc Vodka head Diddy.