After 50 Cent dropped his new “Outlaw” record last week, SOHH hit up Mobb Deep’s Havoc to get his reaction to the record and what he expects Fif’s upcoming LP will offer.

In addition to co-signing the record, Hav also revealed getting to check out 50’s latest effort in advance.

“When I first heard the record I was feeling it a lot,” Hav told SOHH referring to 50’s “Outlaw” track. “I’m a big fan of 50’s music and I actually heard it in the G-Unit offices. He played it for me before it ever dropped. So I got an advanced listening session of his new album and I’m going to say it’s not a surprise to how good it sounds. We’re both from Queens so we’re both on that kinda page aside from other records that he does. That Queens sound is still there.” (SOHH)

Following 50’s “Outlaw” release, Hav hopped on Twitter to share his initial reaction.

“Up early banging that new 50 single!! Queens in the motherf*ckin building!!!,” Hav tweeted June 19th. (Havoc’s Twitter)

This week, the G-Unit leader talked about possibly leaving Interscope Records.

“I don’t know,” 50 told MTV News when asked if he would ink back with Interscope once his five-album deal was fulfilled. “It will all be clear in the negotiations following me turning this actual album in. And, of course, the performance and how they actually treat the work will determine whether you still want to stay in that position or not…It’s not like you’re gonna be able to make a project bigger than the actual project is, but if the songs are right and you have full support and you feel that support, why would you want to go anywhere else? If not, if you don’t have that support, why would you want to sign to another system? In the financial state that I’m in, you just do it yourself.” (MTV)

Last weekend, 50 announced plans to drop a new album in November.

“My headphones and my album coming in NOV RT @EasierToSee: @50cent first the sleeks! now the album being pushed back!! What’s next?,” he tweeted in response June 19th.

“Me and EM are going to record for my album soon.” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

50 Cent’s new album is scheduled to drop in November.

Check out 50 Cent’s “Outlaw” below: