G-Unit‘s 50 Cent is ready to see a showdown. The hip-hop heavyweight has weighed-in in the pending bout between rap rivals 21 Savage and 22 Savage.

Fif went to Instagram Tuesday (January 10) and hinted at the boxing match still happening.


This week, 21 Savage dismissed the idea of lacing up and taking on 22.

“B*tch a** n*ggas remind me of my baby mama, man. Y’all f*ck n*ggas dying for attention like h*es. Get off a n*gga d*ck! I ain’t finna make none of you broke, dusty crumb chasing a** n*ggas famous, man. Peon peasant a** n*ggas. I ain’t even gonna make a n*gga famous, man. If I make a n*gga famous, n*gga gonna sign me.”


A few days ago, 50 Cent revealed his interest in making the bout go down.

“I just got off the phone with champ. So I’m going to give you the update, alright? We got a whole card now. We only had one fight. We had Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. Now we got – we’re trying to put together 21 Savage and 22 Savage. They’re going to fight for the name and then we’re only going to have one Savage.”


Last week, 22 Savage announced his interest in getting a fight going with 21.