New York rapper 50 Cent might low-key want that ol’ thing back. The hip-hop veteran’s former flame and baby mother Daphne Joy has turned frowns upside down courtesy of new modeling pics.

Daphne x Joy

Fifty’s ex-girlfriend went to Instagram Wednesday with a slideshow of steamy shots. The pics feature Joy showing off her curve game and embracing warm vibes in Los Angeles, California.

“☀️” -Daphne Joy’s Instagram

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High-Key Details

Last Saturday, Curtis Jackson went to his Instagram page with a pic of their son chilling in a car on his iPad. Fif released a shot of Sire Jackson doing some house chores.

“young King SIRE on the move, you know the vibes. #HHHS” -50 Cent’s Instagram

“King SIRE, yep he gotta do some chores. he be like wait 🤔you sure my dad said i have to do this? #bransoncognac#lecheminduroi#HHHS” -50 Cent’s Instagram

Sire Jackson’s house chores

Wait, There’s More

In early June 2020, Fifty shared a few heartfelt moments alongside Sire. Fif unloaded a batch of pics showing just himself and his mini-me.

Before You Go

Days prior, the rap veteran went to IG with a must-like shot. The pic featured Fifty rocking a shirt featuring late rapper Pop Smoke with Sire on his shoulders.

“Big 50, Little 50 you know the Vibes.🤨SireSprits get the app.” -50 Cent’s Instagram

50 Cent and son Sire