New York rapper 50 Cent wants his peers to play it safe. The hip-hop veteran has warned a slew of high-profile musicians to not find themselves in the same position as former Boston Red Sox player David โ€œBig Papiโ€ Ortizโ€˜s near-death shooting.

Fif went to Instagram last night to share a story about Ortiz allegedly getting shot because of a possible affair with a Dominican Republic drug lord.

Davidโ€™s near-death shooting has completely shook up a few celebrities and sparked social media reactions.

Some reports claim a dirty cop might ultimately be connected to Ortizโ€™s shooting.

Authorities in the Dominican Republic believe former Red Sox slugger David Ortizย was shot in a plot involving a cop hired as a hit man, a law-enforcement source told The Post on Monday. โ€œTheyโ€™re definitely looking at a police officer in the shooting,โ€™โ€™ the source said. (NY Post)