50 Cent Unloads On Police Responsible For Shooting Jacob Blake

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

50 Wants Justice For Jacob

New York rapper 50 Cent is disgusted with the aftermath of Jacob Blake's near-fatal shooting. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to share his thoughts on the Wisconsin Black man suffering gruesome injuries at the hands of law enforcement.

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50 Cent Rips Jacob Blake’s Shooters

The Big Apple native went to Instagram Tuesday and didn’t bite his tongue. The hip-hop veteran ripped Wisconsin cops and said the responsible police officers should receive attempted murder charges at the very least.

“🤦‍♂️if this wasn’t attempted murder, I have no idea what’s going on. 🤷🏽‍♂️ #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi” -50 Cent’s Instagram

50 Cent rips Jacob Blake’s shooters.

High-Key Details

On Tuesday, fellow New York native Nas hit up Instagram to share his support for Blake. He specifically called out the cops responsible for using lethal force against him.

“Jacob Blake. Unarmed. Shot 7 times in the back. Coward shit. Prayers to Jacob and his family.” -Nas’ Instagram

Nas rallies for Jacob Blake.

God’s Son also encouraged his millions of followers to call up Wisconsin officials to get the cops connected to Blake’s shooting dragged into the spotlight.

“For Jacob Blake”

Wait, There’s More

On Monday, rap stars T.I. and 50 Cent went to their social media pages with thoughts about Blake. While 50 took directed his issues at the cops responsible for shooting Jacob in the back multiple times, T.I. focused on his remarkable survival.

“The only news I care to post on the matter. ✊🏽Get well soon King 👑 We witchu💯 #JusticeForJacobBlake” -T.I.’s Instagram

TI and 50 Cent pray for Jacob Blake.

“👀No way what the f*ck kinda law enforcement is this? Shot this man 7 times in his back, in front of his kids.🤦‍♂️” -50 Cent’s Instagram


Before You Go

Blake’s ruthless attack has sparked backlash from professional state teams including the Milwaukee Brewers and Green Bay Packers. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has also issued a statement about police brutality targeting the African American community.

“There’s a systemic problem and until the problem is fixed, this is going to be an all too common sight in this country. It hits home being not far from Green Bay. I’m not going to comment directly on the video until more facts come out. Obviously it’s something where as a non-police officer I think a lot of us, the natural question is – when is lethal force necessary? Again that goes to a systematic problem that needs to be addressed at some point.” (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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