New York rapper 50 Cent is showing no signs of chill – at all. The G-Unit boss has once again lit up social media to throw ample smoke at estranged pal Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Curtis Jackson returned to Instagram Wednesday (July 25) to tell Floyd he doesn’t stand a chance in an on-street fight.

New York rapper Fat Joe has refused to play referee in the 50/Floyd e-beef.

“I’m tired of being the middle guy,” Joe said … “I’m tired of [being] the guy breaking everything up. I mean, you know, they’re brothers, man. I don’t like it. I don’t like it. Because they’re both beautiful guys to me, man.” Despite the hostility, Joe says there may be peace “somewhere down the road.” “I think maybe in the long run, they’ll figure it out. I really believe that they sincerely love each other and they’re brothers. Unfortunately, this is playing out on social media.” (TMZ Sports)

Yesterday, 50 Cent dragged Mayweather’s son and music mogul Diddy into a series of IG posts taunting Floyd.

Earlier in the week, 50 claimed Floyd’s thirst for married women ultimately cost a woman her life.