New York rapper 50 Cent is having a little too much fun these days. The hip-hop veteran has playfully targeted fellow Big Apple native Fabolous about gearing up for a huge weekend celebration.

Fif went to Instagram to encourage Fab’s longtime bae Emily B to keep him from attending the upcoming Tycoon Weekend Yachty Party in an effort to avoid getting out-fashioned.

Over the past few days, 50 Cent has promoted the upcoming women-filled Manhattan party.

Last month, Fab went to Instagram to shut down gossip publication TMZ pushing a breakup report involving himself and Emily.

The same week, TMZ ran a wild story suggesting Fab called it quits with the mother of his two sons.

Fabolous and his long-term girlfriend, Emily B, have called it quits … and Fab has rebounded by breaking bread with another hottie. Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ … Emily and Fabolous recently split, and the Brooklyn rapper is actively dating other people. Fabolous ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant in New Jersey just last week, sitting across the table from the woman in the pic. Seems the breakup hasn’t totally broken his spirit. (TMZ)